Project Description

The world-leading brand – Xiaomi SOOCAS electric toothbrush X3U is distinguished by its power of 39,600 vibrations per minute, which makes it 700% more efficient than other existing electric or manual brushes.

4 different cleaning modes:

  1. Cleaning mode – a deep cleaning mode is designed for daily use, effectively removes tooth stains.
  2. Sensitive mode– a light cleaning mode is recommended for highly sensitive teeth.
  3. New hand mode– a mode for beginners is recommended for those who are just starting to use an innovative brush. This mode is used for adaptation.
  4. Whitening mode – whitening mode, provides a dramatic improvement in tooth color. Recommended for those who regularly drink coffee/tea and consume tobacco.

SOOCAS X3U smart toothbrush has IPX 7 certification, which protects it from the damage caused by water spray.

The brush is charged with a USB C type cable. SOOCAS X3U fully charges in 4 hours and no longer needs to be charged for 25/30 days.

The smart toothbrush has a 2-minute cleaning mode, which is divided into four equal sections on the right and left parts of the upper and lower jaw. The brush gives you an audible warning once every 30 seconds in order to move to the next zone. This allows all teeth to be cleaned evenly and properly.

Working with professional dentists, Xiaomi has created the ideal brush heads that retain their original shapes even after prolonged use.

A smart toothbrush comes with three different heads:

1️. Soocas clean– is ideal for daily use, deeply cleanses teeth, and effectively fights coffee or tobacco stains.

2️. Soocas soft– is recommended for people with high tooth sensitivity (it is recommended to start using the brush with this head to easily get used to the new different format of oral cleaning).

3️. Soocas polish – a polishing, whitening brush designed for those who are trying to improve the color of their teeth. It is recommended for use by those who regularly drink coffee or consume tobacco.

Clinical studies have shown that using Soocas X3U twice a day significantly improves the condition of the mouth as well as tooth color, and a tangible result is already visible within 2 weeks of use.

Price: 299 ₾

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