Project Description

Introducing Xiaomi’s Smart Faucet Motion Sensor, which allows you to turn any faucet into a sensor.

Smart Faucet Motion Sensor reduces water losses, minimizes contact with the faucet, which protects you from unnecessary contact with the surface.

The first mode: when the hand or washing object is under the faucet, the water starts to flow and stops as soon as the object is removed.

The second mode: when a hand is next to the sensor, the faucet turns on and stays until the sensor is reached again.

Protective mode: When the Smart Faucet is left turned on, it automatically shuts off the water after 3 minutes.

For more information watch the video

Technical Features:

Working water temperature: ≤75 °C

Working water pressure: 0.5 – 8 mpa.

Battery: 550mAh Li-ion

Time necessary to fully charge: 3 hours. Micro USB port

Fully charged battery lasts 4 months

Price: 135 ₾